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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Some expecting mothers don’t really know what type of maternity pictures & portraits they would like: Which is more that totally normal, and that’s where we can fully guide them to create for them the memory of their pregnancy they will love to be owning in the long term.

On the other hand, some future mums really know what pregnancy photos they would dream to have or, like in the case of Isabelle, they might have a piece of clothing or a special accessory that has a story, a meaning and that they would like to wear during their photoshoot.

When we were creating and tailoring the pregnancy portrait session of Isabelle, she quickly shared with us that she had a crown full of significance that she would love to wear on some of her motherhood portraits. We associated it with a draping and a certain photography studio light to create an absolute magic feel to her maternity portrait.

For her, this image is full of personal meaning and absolutely priceless.

As she is also a working mum owning her own business, she wanted also pregnancy photos that were also illustrating this part of her personality and life.


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