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Updated: Nov 9, 2020


I get to meet amazing personalities, women, and men.

Through the recent challenging times (covid19 NYC lockdown) it struck me that what I MISS the most, and so what drives me to wake up in the morning, is to meet the people I photograph, get to know their stories to create those soulful portraits of them.

After a photoshoot, I am always literally 'high' from all the exchange of energy

and SUPER inspiring discussions that just happened in the studio.

So I decided to share all that stimulation with you

through the blog series "Empowered Madames" as... the saying goes:

"Empowered women empower women"


So we gathered them all and created an "ONLY GOOD VIBE" Spotify playlist, for all the every day WonderMadames everywhere to get in the best possible mood and make them feel they can tackle every challenge they face !!

Follow the playlist as more and more Empowered Madames will be included in the blog series!

good mood spotify playlist


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