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Motherhood is beautiful to capture during a maternity photo session, but another moment that can also be truly magical, unique & connected is a breastfeeding photoshoot while your little one is a newborn.

The strong bond that can be captured through different breastfeeding positions during this type of motherhood session is just incredible.

Kelly, Nate and baby grand breastfeeding photos are an exquisite example.

Kelly and Nate were expecting their first child: baby Grant.

Kelly didn't feel like booking a maternity photoshoot during her pregnancy, however she felt so compelled to have a professional maternity photographer to capture something she didn't expect she would want: a breastfeeding photoshoot.

The connection to her baby Grant during breastfeeding was so strong, she felt that sense of empowered motherhood and she didn't want to miss the opportunity to capture all of it.

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Our Portrait Madame Studio team traveled to Kelly and Nate’s home in New York Brooklyn, which made things so much easier logistically for them with the newborn baby. Also, when you are in your own home, you experience a level of comfort that makes the photos feel way more personal, loaded emotionally and intimate.

She wanted to capture her son with her while breastfeeding on a pillow, in different breastfeeding positions and some candid pictures of her husband and her son together.

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The way the light shines on them makes these pictures so magical and intimate that you want to cherish that moment forever. That's the magic power of portrait photography and art prints.

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