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Maternity Moment of Elegance and Simplicity with Emeline portrait shoot.

Every pregnancy photoshoot we create in our New York photography studio is a unique experience.

Every single mother-to-be that walk into our Portrait Madame portrait studio; may it be in New York City or in Paris; is so different and bring such a beautiful and authentic energy that you cannot help but never forget about any of them.

And that was the case with Emeline maternity photos session.

Emeline really got to “bloom” during her maternity photoshoot.

She was at first shy and it is so very normal to be nervous while being photographed and being pregnant. It always takes a lot to feel at ease when you are exposed to a new experience.

At Portrait Madame Portrait Studio, we do absolutely everything for our expectant mothers to feel safe, super comfortable, and at peace to be able to just be/feel themselves without any fear of judgement or expectations. There is no place for awkwardness, pressure or that you "have to act"a certain way. None.

We always create a little bubble of comfort & peace for any woman to feel they can be fully themselves: From the temperature in the room, the music we choose, to the food & beverage we offer, the fabrics & dresses we propose, every single detail is curated with care & purpose.

From the moment Emeline walked into our portrait studio in NYC, Alice, the maternity photographer, made sure she was guided from the moment she entered the room, to the moment she left it.

And in just the time of this portrait session,

She let go of any fear and

completely bloomed &

felt comfortable to own her space.

Own her femininity.

Own the motherhood.

Since it was her first pregnancy, we wanted to capture the excitement future mothers feel but also the sense of peace & tranquility Emeline felt during this special time of her life.

And these maternity photos speak for themselves: a future mom-to-be full of positive empowering energy and radiant beauty.

Maternity dresses

Casual maternity photos

To experience a moment of elegance and simplicity: Alice Prenat is available for maternity couple photoshoots in both New York City and Paris. All maternity photos of this pregnancy photoshoot were designed by Alice.


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