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Children grow up, the relationship with them goes through different phases, but despite the ups and downs, the bond remains present... and before the birds end up leaving the nest, we get an incredible desire to capture and crystallize everything before things change… This is where a studio portrait shoot, to create beautiful mother-child / daughter portraits, really takes on its full scope.

It’s also a very unique mother’s day gift idea, or for the birthday of your mum or your wife...It also happens that we can mix an executive portraits / business headshots shoot, with a mother-daughter one. Mixing pro & personal needs in one session!

Claire and her daughter, Lucy, wanted individual professional photos each during their portrait session in studio: Executive headshots for Claire and personal portraits for Lucy. But the main objective of their photoshoot was to capture their mother-daughter bond on art prints.

The portraits that were taken during this photoshoot are now SO valuable to Claire as she sees her beautiful Lucy leave the nest. She will remember and re-experience forever this exact moment when looking at these portraits: She and Lucy … and all the complicity that makes their relationship so special.

Forgetting her collection of portraits deep inside a computer is not how Claire wanted things, and for her, the relationship with her daughter is WAY TOO important to stay just digital, so having a folio box of all her prints is really the part she loved the most.

She keeps that beautiful box on a shelf in her living room really enjoys going through their portraits to remember all the good times, getting also excited for all the fun times to come with Lucy !!

gift idea NYC

All the mother-daughter portraits and executive headshots in this article have been taken by professional photographer Alice Prenat at the NYC photography studio Portrait Madame.


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