• Alice Prenat


Updated: Apr 28, 2020

Through magazines' articles or social media posts, we are all aware that colors have the power to affect us... in good and bad ways.

It is also very well known that colors are used by brands to 'manipulate' our behaviors towards buying a product or taking an action.

The name of that science is 'color psychology' and is based on an incredibly vast field of research. It has been shown that colors affect our emotions and how people react and respond to us. It can be hard to believe for some of us, but colors can even impact our blood pressure, our heart rate and our breathing.*

Speak about a powerful tool!

Here is how to use this color science at your advance every day when you get dressed but even more importantly in your personal branding and on your headshot.


Here is a clear recap on which emotions and feelings are triggered by which colors.

BLUE: Trust, loyalty, expertise, responsibility.

Remember it: the sky. The blue sky is always there (even behind the clouds ;-) ), loyal, and it makes us feel quite reassured.

RED: Power, passion, courage, attention.

Remember it: Red roses, piment, lava, etc. Those are elements full of meaning, passion, strength.

GREEN: Harmony, balance, safety, stability.

Remember it : the leaves and the trees. It brings harmony to our mind, harmony to our world, it allows us to breathe.

It's also synonymous with growth.