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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

maternity photoshoot nyc

Maternity is such a unique moment in a woman’s life.

Each pregnancy is just so unique in how you experience it, how fast or slow it feels and that’s why you should definitely consider having it captured by a maternity photographer in a photo studio, at home or outdoor during a maternity photoshoot.

If you are reading this right now, you most probably think that you will never ever forget what you are experiencing... but as soon as the next day of giving birth, memories will start to blend and fade in the whirlwind of life.

In a few years, you will be left wondering how it all felt and you will be yearning to experience that moment, wishing you had gotten photographs taken.

We think we will never forget things … but the truth is: we do. Look at how fun it is to open a box of old pictures and reminisce about your childhood or other moments.

In 10, 20 years looking at your maternity photos will mean the world to you.

So back to the topic of this blog post!

Once you have chosen your maternity photographer, the next question will most probably be:

What should you wear in your pregnancy photos?

Here are some examples & guidelines on different types of outfits for maternity portraits.

The most high-end maternity photographers do provide maternity dresses, fabrics, and other garments directly on-site in their photography studio. It’s the easiest option as buying specific outfits will have you most probably never wear them again.

Some other photographers include even the rental of dresses in their maternity portrait experience to make it super easy and fun.

So don’t hesitate to ask the photographer you are booking if they also provide outfit options on site.


Flowy or maxi dresses are amazing to make you feel amazing and super comfortable (even when you don't feel in your best shape #reallife).

Let’s be real: We all know pregnancy is a time where hormones play with your mind and creates all kinds of cravings so embrace the experience ! Wear a maxi dress that has a belt to create beautiful curves and you will feel fantastic on your maternity photos.

If your husband or loved one is coming to get photographed with you, he or she can even be the one throwing the bottom part of the dress, it always creates a super fun moment at the photography studio!


If you want maternity photos full of simplicity and elegance, a tight top, dress or bodysuit is the way to go.

As I often tell my client during portrait shoots: “Maternity portrait sessions are the only time or photoshoot you will hear me say ‘belly out’! Don’t hold in anyway !“

So go all the way and enjoy the feeling, show your feminine curves and shapes with a tight outfit.


For pregnancy photos more on the casual side, oversize jumpers and tops are absolutely perfect and super comfortable to wear.

You can even borrow one of your husband's shirts and it will make that maternity photo even more intimate and special for you 2.


Some of my clients really want to also show the ambitious working Madame facet of their personality to feel super empowered. YES for that !!

Being a mother doesn’t have to suppress who you are as a woman.

If you have a specific aspect of your personality or life that you want on those pictures, never hold back and bring specific pieces or accessories.


There is nothing more beautiful than a woman comfortable in her own skin.

Despite what you might think, a maternity photoshoot can definitely be that occasion.

So don’t hesitate to bring any lingerie piece or nightingale to wear on your pregnancy photos.


An experienced maternity photographer will most probably have fabric and wraps at the studio to create some amazing way to capture your pregnancy.

Don’t feel like you have to buy fabric yourself, ask your portrait photographer.

Fabric can be in silk, in more shimmering textures, or more in neutral tones. Mixed with a perfectly managed studio lighting, you will feel at the apex of your femininity.


I don’t have the authorization from my private clients to share their images so I am borrowing an image as an example from my dear friend the amazing Lola Melani Photographer.

If you feel comfortable, maternity is an amazing moment to be captured in the most elegant nude. Let yourself guided by your photographer and you will be stunned by the result.


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