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Anastasiya's Elegant Mother & Daughter Maternity Photos

As a luxury portrait studio in business for soon a decade in New York and Paris, it's safe to say that we do really feel honoured and SO lucky to do what we do.

Why, you may wonder? Because we get the chance to translate a feeling into a visual moment that can last a lifetime. You translate that joy, that bond, that occasion into a powerful and beautiful portrait photos. Because we get to SEE YOU for the real YOU!

Take, for instance, Anastasiya’s mother and daughter maternity photoshoot session

This elegant pregnancy photoshoot was done with a specific purpose: to capture Anastasiya’s second pregnancy with her first born while she’s feeling feminine, glamorous and stylish in a golden glittery dress.

A maternity photoshoot is a great moment to show off the miracle a woman’s body is experiencing.

She was really determined for Alice to capture this unspeakable bond a mother has with her daughter while expecting another child. And with style, no less!

Black and white pregnancy photos

For this maternity photoshoot done in our portrait studio in New York City, all creative and visual contents were created and designed by Alice Prenat. Like Anastasiya, you can also enjoy an unforgettable, mother and child pregnancy photoshoot with Alice at the NYC and Paris studios (other locations can be discussed upon request).


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