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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

After years of photographing motherhood: from pregnancy photoshoots to mother & newborn portraiture, we have welcomed mothers at all the different stages of their motherhood path.

And we love it so much.

Some of our clients know exactly how they would dream to be photographed to celebrate their maternity. We then all get into that creative bubble during their maternity photoshoot.

But most of the women we photograph don’t really know how they would like to be photographed and that’s where the fun happens !! We LOVE creating and tailoring their session with them.

We all browse through many different inspiration boards, we guide them choosing their outfits, hair and makeup, and we create different moods of images to make sure we create pregnancy photos that really capture their moment the way they experience it.

When Charlotte contacted our NYC Maternity photography studio, she had already a beautiful wish list for the type of portraits she wanted, to have her 2nd pregnancy captured on art photo prints

Charlotte wanted very elegant pregnancy photos, some in color, some in black and white, to enhance her femininity in this special time of her life. She also wanted to capture family photos to be able to always remember that time where they were a family of 3 sharing, that special bond with her first child.


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