• Alice Prenat


Your pregnancy is such a precious moment and so unique to each and every woman.

Capturing it through maternity photos will give you the chance to experience it again and again even in 10 or 20yrs by simply looking at those images.

That’s the magic power of portrait photography.

If you have booked your pregnancy photoshoot, you might be now wondering WHAT ARE THE BEST COLORS TO WEAR DURING YOUR MATERNITY PHOTOSHOOT?

Truth be told, there are no strict rules as these pictures need to capture you in the most authentic way. It also all depends on where your maternity photos are created.

However, here are some guidelines to help you not get overwhelmed in front of your wardrobe !!

1 - YOUR OWN TASTE AND STYLE: STICK WITH WHAT YOU REALLY LOVE (Not what the photographer loves 😉)

We all have different tastes and styles. Really stick to what you love and don’t try to fit in a style that you actually don’t feel comfortable in. You want to feel your best during your maternity session so comfort is the most important criteria.

Even if the photographer's enthusiasm is beyond the roof to get you to wear something that you are not sure about: don't. Don’t force on wearing colors you don’t like, fabrics you don’t enjoy, or a style which is not yours because then when you will see the images, chances are you won’t love the pictures that much.

This is YOUR moment. This is YOUR session so stay within what YOU love, not what the others want. You should end up being in full LOVE with your maternity photos as they stay with you for the rest of your life.

Keep in line with your tastes and find the professional maternity photographer that can create that. What’s best is to work with a portrait photographer who can really tailor the shoots around your needs.

Here are some examples to get you started and inspired: