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Unique and memorable maternity photoshoot of Ruthy & Frankie

Every single mother who comes to get their maternity photo session (either in our NYC studio or our Paris one) is always warmly welcomed, loved and cherished.

And one day, one session doesn't finish completely as planned but it ends up being an amazing unique memory for both the expecting mother and the portrait photographer.

Let us tell you the story of this photo session back in 2019 - where one specific picture from that session became the most popular photo on our social media platforms to this day.

Without further ado, please meet our maternity muse for this article: Ruthy and the little Frankie.

breastfeeding photos

Like a lot of our clients, this is Ruthy’s first pregnancy and therefore her first maternity photoshoot. We started with a more casual look & feel with this mother and daughter session; Ruthy wearing a white shirt while breastfeeding baby Frankie.

We took several of those mother-daughter photos from different angles so we had options to choose from after this breast-feeding photo session.

Then we decided to capture Ruthy in a luxurious sheer light grey dress, with her wavy hair cascading over her shoulders while breastfeeding Frankie: The most classic and exquisite image of motherhood at its peak.

This meant that Frankie needed to be breastfed again after doing so earlier in the photo session.

black and white mother baby photo example

Now, this is where it gets interesting / funny: we were fully aware that baby Frankie could not take more milk since she was full, but both Ruthy & Alice, the portrait photographer on this session, wanted to capture the connection of breastfeeding while she was wearing this dress.

So they "braced" for one last round of images and as soon as this picture was taken, all the milk got thrown up on that dress... dress that never recovered so that maternity photo is completely unique !!

Ruthy got so grateful for that image of her motherhood to have been captured.

Here is the famous picture we were mentioning:

best maternity motherhood photographer nyc

To all mothers out there, we salute your strength, your love and the grace that motherhood requires you to have. There is so much beauty and strength in chaos.

If you this type of bespoke and unique and memorable portrait experience with an elegant pregnancy photos, maternity photos or family portraits with Alice Prenat , please see her portfolio or contact us.


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