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Your Maternity Photos are as Important as Your Wedding Photos - Beautiful portraits with Alex Fine.

Hiring a professional photographer for your wedding seems so logical and make total sense as capturing a day that only happens once is exactly where photography earns its core purpose: Freezing time & putting on paper.

Hiring a portrait photographer to capture to create elegant maternity photos however is not always something that comes to mind when you get the good news... but speak about something that is absolutely MAGICAL and UNIQUE in a woman's life ?

Of course, pregnancy is not always all easy & flowing, and the way the body changes can bring its own challenges, but this is a time in a woman's life that will never ever happen the same way again... as many pregnancies you will experience in your lifetime. And beautiful maternity photos can actually help expecting mothers to embrace their body in full motherhood stage.

And let's take a minute to imagine, when your little ones will be 10 or 20yrs old, those pregnancy photos will have a value beyond measure. They will become a real motherhood treasure.

As one of the best maternity photography studio in New York & Paris, we capture numerous luxury pregnancy photos for one simple reason: adding value to you, your life experience as a woman and your family.

We want to take way more than just a picture of your belly, we want to capture a feeling that you will be able to remember & re-experience throughout a lifetime.

Right now, you think you will always remember this sensation of being pregnant and being so close & connected to your little one but time will do its work and soon, it will disappear under tons of other memories. Beautiful maternity photos gives you the opportunity to dive right back into those pregnancy unique sensations and memories and cherish them.

And that is what we did for a client of ours: Alexandra Fine.

nude maternity photos black and white NYC

If you follow Portrait Madame's blog, you will be pleased to know that this is not the first time we've worked with Alexandra. She even got featured her in one of our Empowered Madame Series in 2020.

So you could imagine how excited and over the moon Alice and the whole Portrait Madame team was when she reached out to create a collection of beautiful black and white maternity photos.

It was Alexandra's first pregnancy and she really wanted to share her pregnancy photoshoot in New York with her husband Perry. As the CEO of Dame Products, Alexandra Fine has a strong feminine presence with an extraordinary energy that is infectious.

And we can NOTresist being drawn into the complicity and love between her and her husband.

So what did she want in this session? Simplicity, authentic and fresh with a touch of an Elegant couple’s maternity photos that would showcase this new chapter in their lives.

In short, she wanted a valuable token of remembrance that would last a lifetime.

If you also want to capture the beautiful chapter of motherhood that is pregnancy, Alice is available for maternity, couples, family portraits sessions in both New York City and Paris. The content and creative directions to create those pregnancy photos were designed by Alice Prenat for an elegant, luxurious and artistic look.


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